At Deadpixel Creative I value privacy. I'm a pretty private person myself. You will never be contacted with any kind of marketing or newsletter. I figure if you need some great graphic design you know just where to find me! The only information that is gathered or stored are email addresses and telephone numbers if supplied by you through the online contact form on this website or via direct transfer of information when meeting in person via business cards etc. Again that's when you've opted to give me your details. Your information is stored securely and only for the purposes of discussing potentional or ongoing projects. If after a period of 12 months from our first contact or after a project is completed we have not discussed or begun a new project your details will be deleted, whether that be an email from you or a follow up from me that you've agreed to. Only Deadpixel Creative has access to your information. If for any reason you wish to have your details removed just let me know and I will delete them from my contacts.