Irisia Jewellery

The Irisia Jewellery identity is a result of a complete overhaul of the hand crafted jewellery compnay of Patrick Naish. Patrick felt that his previous design and brand style was not in keeping with his aspirations. So he entrusted me to both design a new logo and create a visual brand identity, but also name the company. The name Irisia derives from Iris the goddess of the rainbow. The name was chosen due to the etherial, unpredictable method by which Patrick colours his jewellery with heat. The process sees the colour of the metal change with the temperature applied to it. The logo deign reflects Pat's fascination with the fine balance between order and natural abstraction. The result is a mark that seems to teeter on the brink of imbalance. The use of soft touch lamination in the printed materials, combined with a raised silver foil reflects perfectly the Irisia aesthetic.