Teaching aliens left from right.

Why we care about getting to know our clients.

It’s true that there are a great number of places in the big wide web that offer graphic design to you in return for filling out a short questionnaire about your design project. But is that enough to provide you with the best possible design to meet your brief? For us the design process begins the moment we make contact with our clients. It’s a journey of discovery in which we learn about you, what you’re trying to achieve, your goals and ambitions.

There’s an old scientific conundrum that poses the question “How would you teach left and right to an alien in another part of the universe using only verbal communication?” You could relate this to our graphic design process.

As children, we’re taught left and right by using the environment we’re in with reference points. It becomes second nature to us and we take it for granted. Without context, however, it’s far more complicated; based on assumption and guess work. Now, we’re graphic designers, we know a thing or two about our own specialism, but we can’t pretend to know everything about you so it’s our job to find these things out and learn left from right all over again! Without getting into our clients’ universe and seeing things from their perspective we have no point of reference to work from and it’ll be much harder to really understand them fully.

If you see a person, you can describe their height, build, hair colour and the clothes they wear. But as with all things you can only judge by what you’ve seen. Without getting to know them you won’t be able to tell anyone else any more than that. However if we take time to talk to a person we learn so much more and really build a picture of them, their history and personality.

It’s easy to make judgements about people based on a scant amount of information. But, with effort, we get to know the person for who they are and our perceptions completely alter. In fact, there have often been times when we ourselves have heard the phrase, “I’m quite surprised, I thought you were going to be different”.

On the other hand, there are the times that you meet someone new and learn something about yourself that you never knew. This is another positive affect of working with us as partners on your graphic design project. You can be so close to your business that you’re unable to see it from an outside perspective. Because we interact closely with our clients and their businesses, we’re able to spot something about them that they missed and use it to their advantage. The same way as an old friend might see things in you that you don’t realise are there. These things can be missed in a short questionnaire filled in by the client in isolation and something brilliant could slip under the radar. Questionnaires should be information gathering devices rather than the go to piece of research.

Every project leads us in new directions and we are always excited to learn new things about our clients and their world. Before we meet and get to know you we have no idea where a project might end up. We avoid preconceived ideas of what the design solution will be. We start with you and our venture into the unknown leads to unique design that’s based around you and your individual needs.

We make a point of making connections with you and becoming partners who understand you well enough to be your go to designers. We want to help you succeed and have the best quality of graphic design possible. Some of our clients treat us like members of their team and we’re happy to know we’re doing a good job for them!

If you need a design partner who cares about getting right to the heart of your world and would like to discuss a project of any kind with us, get in touch and we can make arrangements to meet you and start the journey!